Bala Nrityam/Ilayar Nadanam 2016

Square flyer

It’s time to celebrate the wonderful dance talents at Nrityalaya again!

Bala Nrityam & Ilayar Nadanam 2016 may be part of the biannual dance exams, but it is also where we see buds blossoming into beautiful flowers.

Teachers Ambujah Thiru, Neewin Hershall, Pallavi Sharma, Dhana Bharathi, Gayathri Subramaniam, Hemalatha Sathasivam, Usha Anbalagan, Malini Bhaskar, Shruthilaya Ramachandran and Priyadarshini Nagarajah have been working really hard guiding and coaching their students – all under the watchful eye of Santha Bhaskar of course.

We just can’t wait to see the floral garden that’s about to be presented!

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