Kuchipudi Lec-Dem cum Performance

Haleem Khan is an Indian Kuchipudi dancer, performer and movie actor, hailingĀ from Ongole of Andhra Pradesh and presently living in Hyderabad. Haleem has performed more than 800 dance shows across the world, as well conducted Kuchipudi workshops overseas. Haleem specialises in Rupanurupam (female impersonation) within Kuchipudi; he is well known for his performance of Bhama Kalapam and various roles in Annamacharya kirtanas.

Kuchipudi Lec-Dem Jan 2016

Hailing from a Muslim family in a small town, Haleem had faced many difficulties in learning Kuchipudi without his family knowing of it. Initially Haleem had performed under the stage name of Hari. His dance, specially the female impersonation has given him critical acclaim and won him many awards and felicitations. Haleem is very passionate about preserving the art and is working on an interactive Kuchipudi dance instructions video.

This specially organised lec-dem cum performance is free admission for Nrityalaya students/members.


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